Free Food! Cal Fresh

CalFresh, aka Food Stamps or EBT, can put a little extra in your pocket for buying groceries. The process is very bureaucratic, but once approved you get a card you can use like a debit card at almost all grocery stores. Get up to $250/month in free food benefits.

To qualify you must…

  • Meet income requirements
  • Be a US citizen (except if receiving SSI/SSP benefits) or a legal permanent resident
  • Be enrolled as a student at least 1/2 time
  • Work at least 20 hours a week; or be eligible for work-study; or be a parent who needs to care for your child under 12

Ways to Apply

  • Do-it-yourself at!
  • Go to a UC Berkeley “Group Application Session,” or request help from a CalFresh Ambassador. Book online or email

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