Various guides called “Disorientation” have been made at UCB for over 50 years. These ranged from scrappy efforts by campus activists to a very consistent ASUC-funded guide at one point. The idea has always been to go beyond the crap the university says in orientation to give people the real truth.

After a while (and with the shift to the internet), the Disorientation guides petered out. Some guides were created and a website maintained around 2008… then in 2011, the project was resurrected with a great new edition.

Articles such as “A People’s History of UC Berkeley” have circulated for over 30 years of editing as people add new information (or misinformation)! These articles came to us by way of the Slingshot.

In 2021, a small group decided to publish a Disorientation guide to bring some of this information back to the campus. People submitted articles, and we had 3 collective work parties where about a dozen people designed it by hand! Those guides were printed at FedEx, stapled by hand, and sloppily distributed to anybody who would take one!

Now in 2022, finally there is a decent website & and a new edition out for distribution. Please help us distribute it! We can’t do it alone — we need your help to get it into every scene, department meeting, and riot. Come by the Long Haul to see where the latest guide was made, printed, and stapled by hand.

If you want to help keep this project going, please consider helping facilitate a new edition in 2023!! You can contact us for support and a copy of every article we’ve already published that you can recycle. Here’s our email:

disorientation2021 [ at ] lists.mayfirst.org


love & rage,
a member of disorientation crew 2021 & 2022