Radical Contact List

Welcome! Although UC Berkeley cashes in on a “tradition” of radicalism, the state of campus activism often seems pretty pathetic to newcomers hoping to get involved in radical, anti-authoritarian or even (gasp) anarchist stuff. You’re faced with a choice between liberal, reformist, single-issue groups, a student government with little power, or sectarian, Marxist-Leninist cults.

Despite the situation on campus, the East Bay is home to a vibrant, comprehensive and fun radical community. There are thousands of people involved in all kinds of projects ranging from revolutionary anarchists to people building alternative institutions. Plus artists and other strange people. Most are not organized like sectarian parties with a strict “party line” and aggressive tactics — always trying to sell a paper. Radical activists can think for ourselves, and live rich, fulfilling lives. We’re working together to build a new society focused on meeting everyone’s needs and sustaining the earth, not just serving corporations, nations, and profit.

The university, not enjoying having their administration building constantly occupied, has taken steps over the last 30 years to try to separate activists in the community from potential activists on campus. Therefore, if you want to find the really powerful projects going on around here, we strongly encourage you to get off campus and out into the community to explore things a bit. Finding the right communities is up to you — there are many people, places, and groups. You may find some projects hostile and outright oppressive. You may find a nurturing community and a second (or literal) home at others. And you can always meet people along the way and start your own project.

African American Art & Culture Complex
762 Fulton Street, San Francisco • aaacc.org
Public cultural center for African/American arts in the Fillmore.

Albany Bulb
At the end of Buchanan St, on the Bay
There are many unauthorized art constructions at the end of this former landfill. Also the best view of the Bay and the Golden Gate bridge. This is a great place to get away from the grind, on a date, etc.

Bay Area Coalition for Headwaters
2530 San Pablo, Berkeley • headwaterspreserve.org
A volunteer-run project to educate and build support in the Bay Area and other urban areas for the preservation of Headwaters, a biologically viable redwood forest eyed by logging companies.

Bay View Newspaper • 4917 Third Street, San Francisco • sfbayview.com
Radical abolitionist Black newspaper serving the Bay View/Hunter’s Point & the nation

Berkeley Free Clinic • 2339 Durant, Berkeley
(510) 548-2570 • berkeleyfreeclinic.org
Offering free medical & dental care, and phone peer counseling. Run by volunteers (including many UCB students). It’s really, actually free! The Free Clinic began in the 60s, when demonstrators shot by the police couldn’t go to hospitals because they would be arrested.

Bandung Books • 2289 International Blvd, Oakland
Third World radical bookstore in East Oakland with zines, open mic events, readings, and bookgroups!

Bay Area Video Coalition
2727 Mariposa St, 2nd Floor, SF
Independent public TV/community broadcaster. Provides open-access video production training and equipment.

Berkeley Flea Market
Ashby BART station, every Sat & Sun
Every weekend from about 9 to 5 in the Ashby BART station parking lot. A gathering place of Black music and culture. Cheap bikes, furniture, pots/pans, clothes, electronics are always for sale. Hear live music and meet people!

Bound Together Books
1369 Haight St, San Francisco • (415) 431-8355
Anarchist bookstore run by volunteers.

Committee for South African Solidarity
1837 Alcatraz Ave, Berkeley • (415) 251-0998
Organization that dates back to anti-apartheid movement; advocates for realization of the South African Freedom Charter

2022 Blake St, Berkeley
berkeleycopwatch.org • (510) 548-0425
Monitors police violence, advocates for reduction of the police budget and better accountability. Teaches a DeCal every semester!

Creative Growth
355 24th St, Oakland • (510) 836-2340
Non-profit organization that advances the inclusion of artists with developmental disabilities in contemporary art by providing a professional studio environment and gallery representation.

Critical Resistance
4400 Telegraph Ave, Oakland • criticalresistance.org
Prison/police abolition group. Publishers of a radical abolitionist newspaper. Community space in North Oakland is sometimes open to public.

Depot for Creative Reuse
4695 Telegraph Ave, Oakland • (510) 547-6470
Great resource for artists, selling donated art, collage, fabric, music and other supplies.

East Bay Food Not Bombs
(510) 644-4187
Cooks and give out free vegan food daily! at People’s Park around 3pm.

EastSide Cultural Center
Radical Black, Brown and Indigenous led culture and organizing space. See Bandung Books.

Ecology Center
2530 San Pablo Ave, Berkeley • (510) 548-2220
Small bookstore/environmental resource center. Seed library & free info desk if you have questions about the sustainability of certain products; recycling, compost, etc.

Flying Over Walls/Black and Pink SF
Queer prison abolition group, holds regular study groups and letter-writing with people inside.

Gill Tract Farm
San Pablo Avenue & Marin St, Albany
Community farm, producing free produce and teaching gardening. The land is stolen/owned by UC, who tried to take it back in 2012 but people occupied the farm to prevent it. You can learn about growing food at the farm, and pick up free food every Sunday afternoon at the public farmstand — it’s really easy.

924 Gilman Street • Berkeley
All ages, all volunteer punk club.

Suigetsukan Dojo
1051 5th Ave. #C, Oakland 542-3941
Women and trans self-defense training classes;  radical martial arts Dojo.

Industrial Workers of the World
2022 Blake Street, Berkeley • (510) 845-0540
Anarcho-syndicalist union. Moe’s Books unionized with the IWW in 2021.

Intertribal Friendship House
523 International Blvd, Oakland
Urban Native American community center offering social services and community/cultural events

La Peña Cultural Center
3105 Shattuck Ave, Berkeley • lapena.org
Latin American cultural center, with a radical anti-imperialist legacy. Now holds dance classes and events.

Long Haul Infoshop
3124 Shattuck Ave, Berkeley
thelonghaul.org • (510) 540-0751
A radical reading room with a library and archive, zine and book shop, free internet access, radical magazine library and action bulletin board.

Marcus Books
3900 MLK Jr Way, Oakland • (510) 652-2344
Black-owned bookstore with a great selection of books about Black studies, literature, herstory, and revolution.

Moments Cooperative
410 13th Street, Oakland (19th St BART)
QT/BIPOC artist space, bookshop, zine distro, and Riso machine.

National Lawyers Guild
558 Capp St., San Francisco, CA 94110, 415 285-5067
The NLG are radical lawyers who defend activists in court, sue the police, and advocate to improve the conditions in Alameda County jails. The NLG can provide legal observers at demonstrations and direct actions.

Needle Exchange Emergency Distribution (NEED)
3124 Shattuck Av, Berkeley • (510) 678-8563
Distributes clean needles and other basic supplies so injection drug users can avoid HIV/AIDS.

Niebyl-Proctor Marxist Library
6501 Telegraph Av, Oakland • (510) 517-0150
Communist library and event space.

272 Capp St, San Francisco
Anarchistic hacker space in SF’s Mission District. Open for public use of extensive equipment such as table saws, sewing machines, and computers.

Omni Commons
4799 Shattuck, Oakland • omnicommons.org
Left-wing community center, home of a number of cool collectives. Event space & they also opened a free store during the pandemic.

Pacific Center for Human Growth
2712 Telegraph, Berkeley • pacificcenter.org
A queer community center with resources, support groups, library and educational programs.

People’s Park
Between Dwight and Haste above Telegraph
Free concerts, food, gardens, and community. Liberated land and the radical heart of Berkeley. Don’t believe University propaganda about the park – learn about the history and become part of it for yourself!

People’s Programspeoplesprograms.com
Black socialist group organizing in Oakland.

Prison Literature Project • prisonlit.org
Meets in Berkeley to send books to prisoners.

POOR Magazine/Prensa Pobre
8032 MacArthur Bl, Oakland • (510) 435-7500
Poor people/Indigenous-led media, education, and art. Run POOR Press and host Poverty Skool programs, as well as schools for media workers.

Pro Arts Gallery + Commons
150 Frank H. Ogawa Plaza, Oakland • (510) 763-4361
A collectively held space in Oakland, California that blurs the lines between art, debate, experimentation, and collaboration. A space to organize in and see cool shows.

San Francisco Indy Media
2940 16th St, #216, SF • indybay.org
Indybay.org is a resource for finding out about protests & justice news across the region

Slingshot Collective
3124 Shattuck Ave. Berkeley • slingshotcollective.org
Radical newspaper that began at UC Berkeley.

St. James Infirmary
730 Polk Street, 4th Floor San Francisco, CA 94109 • 415-554-8494
A peer-based non-profit health organization serving Sex Workers throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.

1501 Harrison st., Oakland • tamarackoakland.com
A collectively-run bar and restaurant, and space to organize.

TGI Justice Project
1349 Mission St, SF • (415) 554-8491
Organization working towards survival and freedom of Trans, Intersex, and non-binary people in and out of the prison industrial complex.

Urban Ore
900 Murray Street, Berkeley • (510) 841-7283
Massive warehouse of used furniture, electronics, housewares, construction materials, clothes, etc. Many deals to be found. Open daily.

Where Do We Go Berkeley? • (510) 575-1158
Group that coordinates defense and material support for encampments around the I-80 area.

Wood St. Commons
20th and Wood Street, in West Oakland. Ask for John

Youth Spirit Artworks
1740 Alcatraz Av, Berkeley • thestreetspirit.org
Publishers of the Street Spirit newspaper.